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In July, 1999, I left National Semiconductor through retirement.  That change opened the door to both consulting and travel.   As a consultant,  it is my intention to provide support in the area of integrated circuits, from basic technology through applications.  My experience has been broad, so I will lay claim to a holistic approach to any problem.  Until the end of June, 2000, I was an Advisor to National Semiconductor in support of their Wafer Foundry activities.  I am currently working with the Nif/T New Business Architects on two specific projects, one an IP based start-up.  My other clients have included a wafer foundry, a new memory technology company, attorneys involved in an international trade secret and patent action, attorneys addressing a patent trolling case, and a Santa Clara based IC manufacturer.

Some topics in my history follow:


I was an active participant in the development of Charge Coupled Devices.

I have been involved in memory products from a number of different aspects, including product development, product management and business analysis.

I was project manager for a state-of-the-art wafer fab in Nagasaki, Japan.

In order to guide technology research choices, I was co-author of a ten-year outlook for key IC markets.

My last activities at National involved technical liaison with several active foundries, ranging from linear bipolar technologies to advanced CMOS and FLASH technologies.


Because I been an active inventor, my understanding of patents and trade secrets has been tapped for a variety of legal cases.

Over my professional career, I have been the inventor or co-inventor responsible for a total of 35 U. S. patents.

A traditional resume is included here, to give more details to the truly interested.

If you wish to contact me, use bob@rstrain.com

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