My first litigation support involved analysis of the claims that Plasma Physics was asserting against everyone using plasma CVD, locating the prior art, and generally supporting the contention that the assertions were not justified.

In another case, LSI was asserting an old Bell Labs patent that had ignored some of the prior art belonging to the company that had hired the attorneys I was working for.

The most extensive case was my support of a combined patent, trade secret and breach of contract case between two foundries.  My involvement lasted almost 6 years, and over that time cases were brought before the Federal Trade Commission, California Superior Court and the federal courts.  After an agreement was breached, the case returned to the California courts, where there was one hearing for a Preliminary Injunction (denied) and a subsequently jury trial on the main breach-of-contract case, where my client prevailed, big time.  Over the years, I taught semiconductor processing fundamentals to one or two dozen attorneys, trained another consultant, supported attorneys in depositions, helped isolate and validate trade secret materials, and generally provided technical input for attorneys in three different law firms.